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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The problem with little families is

This blog is completely for me.  For the pure joy I will have upon writing it.  The memory of today is so sweet; I don’t want to let it go without recording it.

I was raised in a big family.  My mother is one of 5 and my father is one of 6.  I remember those times when we would all crowd into a small house and cram ourselves around a table or two on a holiday.  I remember when we would all shuffle into the living room to tell a joke or a story about things my uncles and aunts used to do.  I remember when my cousins and I would rule a small area to play make believe something.  The problem with small families is – this world doesn’t exist.

My brother in law and sister in law have the ultimate blended family.  They each had 2 kids before joining their families, and have 2 more kids together.  They have 6 children between them who span about 10 years.  People make comments about how big families are so expensive and blah blah blah.  My family has 3 kids born within 2 years, so we also get random comments from people who feel they should have a say on our family decisions.  But they don’t have what we have.  A holiday like this:  Pick up softball in the back yard.  Kids everywhere in a tiny house.  Hunting Easter eggs together – big kids helping little kids.   Family photos when all the kids are filthy, sweaty, and wet…

The problem with little families is – they don’t have days like this.

 Our Family Photo.  Yes, this is the best one - trust me... someone was crying in every picture!
 Nana and her girls....
 All the girl cousins hunting Easter eggs with Nana supervising
 Cool fact # 57 about big families.  There is always someone around to help.  Brady is "Drew's" big buddy.  He is always ready to help Andrew... at Christmas, at Easter, whenever. It is awesome!
 For those of you who think Addison looks like me.  That is a wonderful compliment, but now you can understand why I'm always skeptical.  Check out her cousins.  This girl knows how to pose.
Addison is a dead ringer for Emmalee - in the purple
 Kimmy.  Too big and too cool to hunt eggs. But is doing it anyway because Nana counted her in.  What does that say about the character of a person?
 Josh - he only looks like he is living in the 1970's.  He is this amazing combination of athleticism and peace keeping, animal loving hippie.  He is probably going to become a vegetarian professional baseball player!
 Here's Brady hooking his little cousin up with a hard to reach egg.
 Like I said - 2 peas in a pod.
  Livie is the ultimate supervisor.  She is part of the "blended" family - the part that spends the most time away.  So when she returns she is the one who is high on energy and high on hugs!
 Someday I might get my two in a photo together. looking at me. and smiling.  Someday
He was so excited about fining the surprise inside the egg.

After the Egg Hunt it was time to PLAY!
 Kaity riding bikes.  She is such a princess!
 Olivia. Man. When did you grow up? What happened? How did it happen? *sigh* you are beautiful....
 Daddy teaching Andrew how to bat.  Now, for those of you who understand the mechanics of baseball - Left Handed hitters are pure gold. 
 When it comes to running the bases, Andrew still has a few things to learn.  Livie chasing him down as he runs for the neighbor's shed.  It was like a scene from the bad news bears.
 When was the last time your family did this? A simple game played with uncles, aunts, and cousins.
 Katy - Again... she is not camera shy!
 The 3 amigos digging in rocks.
 I love that they are all out there together.  I love this family memory.
 3 amigos turns into 4 amigos.  Look - Andrew and Addison - no interest in the camera.  Emmalee and Katy know just what to do when a picture is pulled out.
Families don't do this anymore. This simple act of playing softball is so nostalgic is makes my heart sing. 
 Addison learning from Emmalee = how to have balance while practicing her "dance."

 Kimmy and Brady.  Typical brother and sisters in a game of softball.
 Addison jumping on the trampoline.

When I was a child, I wanted this.  I wanted to have 5 or 6 kids just so I could have these memories for my kids and myself.  We are not headed for the 5 or 6 route – but we are beyond blessed that our in-laws did.  When added to our current 3, we become this crazy bunch of kids ages 1-14.  We are that family. And I love it!
The Cousins. *Love* *Love* *Love*

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At April 25, 2011 at 6:58 AM , Blogger Anna said...

My husbands side is massive too. We always spend Easter out at his parents farm. Our boys love it. They have 12 cousins (all boys except for 2), so you can imagine the high energy! We took them all fishing (just me and David) yesterday and it was such a flurry of excitement!
Great photos!!

At April 25, 2011 at 9:51 PM , Blogger Hilary said...

Great photos!! Cousins are the most amazing thing.


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