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Grandparents are the medicine of Life

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grandparents are the medicine of Life

I know lots of people say the word "in-laws" with disdain - as if they had to spit it out.  I was very fortunate to have wonderful examples of how mothers and mother-in-laws should interact.  In fact, despite my parents divorce, my grandparents (dad's parents) have considered my mother as a child of theirs and they continue to have a great relationship.  I was blessed.  Ray's parents (known as Nana and Pappy) are wonderful people who Raymond and I have a lot in common with.  Actually.... Raymond is ..... well - maybe this picture will explain it..

*Not pictured * Raymond Andrew I
Seated in front:  Raymond Andrew II (Nicknamed Sonny)
Standing to the right: Raymond Andrew III (Nicknamed Andy)
Standing to the left: Raymond Andrew IV (Known as Ray)
Held:  Raymond Andrew V (Nicknamed Andrew)

I bring this up because - they say "like father, like son" - well they were describing this family! Which is probably one of the reasons I love spending time with them so much.  It is like watching what my husband (whom I love) will be like in 20 few years.  Not only that - but my mother in law has such a way of listening to my father in law, processing what he is really saying, and going with the flow - I want to be just like her :)  No - This year is their 40th wedding anniversary -  and it is easy to see why. They compliment each other well. They have the wisdom that has withstood the test of time. And they crack me up! 

So this morning, starting around 7am, Andrew and Addison decided they wanted to go see Nana and Pappy.  They asked to call them every 15 minutes until I finally caved and we called to find out if a visit was in our future.  I wonder if my kids know what I have learned this past year? Going to Nana and Pappy's makes everyone happy.  Daddy relaxes.  Mommy eats (ok that is a joke.. kind of) and sits and plays.  Pappy dotes on everyone because he really doesn't like to sit down. Nana has the ability to hold 3 kids and make everyone feel important.  Whatever the problems of the world might exist outside the walls of their house does not exist in this small 3 bedroom 1 bathroom haven.  Haven = Heaven.  So we went. Here are some photos I captured to sort of describe our awesome visit:

 Nana - A one Woman child entertaining machine!
 Ray teaches the kids a new game
 They are totally interested in learning
 See this face? This is not his innocent face.  This says, "Have you figured out what I did yet?"
 So ... he pulls out a domino from his pocket.  Oh, Andrew... You silly boy. You put a domino in your pocket.
 He begins to pull out more dominos from his pocket.  We start to laugh, so he offers us some.
Yup. Still digging for more dominos.  This kid has discovered the highlights of cargo pants.
Yes, this is the same picture as above... but seriously - it happens about every 3 minutes at Nana's house. One kid gravitates to Nana. Then another, then finally all 3 are totally engrossed in everything she says and each feels total love.

 Addison playing Hide and Seek.
 Actually - those of you who know Addison will recognize this face.  She's not playing hide and seek.  She's looking for some privacy.
Finally.... Happy Nana and Happy Baby. 
And Happy Mommy and Happy Daddy.

Alexander's been on an eating strike... but you would never had known it. Because at Nana and Pappy's house everything is right with the world.


At March 5, 2011 at 11:01 PM , Blogger Kisses4Kaylee said...

Love, love, love the pictures! I think that Ryan and Andrew are going to get along famously...they seem to have the same sensibility for having fun. Addison is just precious~ a true beauty. And the picture of Alex with your mother-in-law is so amazing~ I cannot believe how big he is! For a baby who is on an eating strike, he sure looks healthy to me! xo


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