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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I'm "Gifted" in

1.      Hitting inanimate objects with a vehicle
  •   Let's start with high school.  I ran my dad's car over the railroad tracks.  Yup... people - not the road over the railroad tracks... I missed the road and ran right over the tracks.
  • I backed my mom’s car into the Garage. In my defense – I was backing it in, and I only hit the side view mirror (I didn’t take it off… this time), and we fixed it so she never even knew.
  • I hit the red pole at Sheetz.  Yes, I know. It is inanimate… and RED. But I hit it anyway.  This one did sort of get me into a bit of trouble because I knew I was going to be grounded forever (because I did it in my Mom’s car… I wasn’t allowed to get one of my own) – so I blamed it on her.  The plan was brilliant… I walked in, asked her if she was in a wreck and too ashamed to tell me about it. We walked out and “discovered” the damage together. .. Brilliant ..until her friend spotted me diving the car about a month later and realized it was me who hit the red pole at Sheetz!  And told on me!  
  •   I backed my car into a fence. Well.. more like side swiped it going backward.  I ripped the mirror off that time.  
  • I once backed our TRUCK (In my defense, it was a huge Dodge with extended bed and a “pappy cap” on the back) over the hood of our CAR. I got into a little trouble with my husband over this one.
  • And today marked the 1 Billionth or so time I’ve run over a curb. Seriously … can’t those things just get out of my way?!?
2.    Going to see the dentist and coming home with 1 less tooth!
  •  I love my dentist. He is caring, kind, the type of person you wish was your friend.
  •  He is also extremely competent… and he will take out a wisdom tooth in his office if you are in a lot of pain. 
  • Yup – you guessed it.  For the second time in a year I’ve gone in for a simple toothache only to have my wisdom tooth ripped from my mouth.  Thanks doc.
  • No – seriously – Thanks.  Without you, I would be in a lot of pain and stuck on some waiting list to go see a specialist who could do the same thing you do. You are awesome. 
3.    Making Lists
  • I am the Queen of lists.  A trait I inherited from my father – the King of lists.
  •  My dad currently has a list that has over 100 things on it.  He is newly retired and it is his “to do list.”
  •   I have lists everywhere.  I’m currently running off of about 5 lists.
  •  My best lists start with “get up.”  Then I can always check something off!
One of my many many lists!
4.    Thinking that mostly dumb ideas are not dangerous.
  •  I once road from PA to Florida in the bed of a truck.  (I could probably end with this one and that would be enough… but I can continue.)
  •  I was once run over by a tractor because I was helping my dad bale hay. (The mostly dumb idea was helping my dad… because this usually ended up in my injury) just kidding… sort of.
  • Smashing my hand.  The most infamous time happened on a hot August day.  I was taking a nap with the window open because it was hot and I had no air conditioner.  I was also limited in my dress due to the heat. (Let’s leave it at that).  It started to rain and I was too lazy to actually get out of bed… I thought I could close the window from a laying position.  My thumb went inside the windowpane with the window…. Yes… that is correct… with the window. So – I hopped up – Started Screaming at the top of my lungs and Waving my free arm… to look down and see a crew of construction workers who thought I was an exhibitionist trying to get attention.  *sigh*
Seriously... this picture was too funny not to put on here!

My husband swears these kind of things don’t happen to regular people, but I think they do…
Anyone want to share?

Oh ... I also wanted to share a few positives:
1. We hit over 1,000 hits on Alexander's Seizure Dog page
2. We are over 2,000 hits on the video "What it is like to be a parent of a child with special needs."
Both of these are because of your support.
I'm still waiting for the other video to take off... I think I need to rename it from "Our life updated" to something more universal.

So ... back to embarrassing moments - anyone want to share?

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At May 3, 2011 at 9:59 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

LOL- Those are great Kristen:)

I lock my keys in the car ALL the TIME!! The summer I was pregnant with Jonah I did it about 10 times. The most embarrassing one was the time that i called Allen - who was in the middle of teaching a class to come and help me. I was desperate- it was about 100 degrees in palm Springs that day and we had been at a water park of sorts with our play group. I was so hot and crying so he canceled class and drove the hour long drive in about 40 mins. Once he unlocked the car we still could find my keys. So the we discovered that they were in my bag that i had the whole time with me. Needless to say Allen now makes me check my bag 4 times before he comes to my rescue:)

At May 4, 2011 at 7:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Until James bought a new lock, I would lock myself (or be locked) in the twins room on a regular basis, requiring me to jump from the roof or wait for some help.

In my Sophmore year of college I crazy glued my eye shut.

I fell in a cemetery while conducting the funeral..Amazing Grace on bagpipes playing in the background. Ironic..

Saw a science experiment on Mr. Wizard in 4th grade. Spent 20 minutes outside in December with my tongue stuck to a was in the bath and dad was still at work..

And that is just a sampling of my extreme goofiness...

At May 6, 2011 at 3:08 PM , Blogger Wildtree To You With Erin said...

Ok. So at Thanksgiving (this was after we had a major snowstorm and no power for four days), Eric backed into my brother's parked truck in our drive way. Then at Christmas he backed into my parent's house. Then today I locked my keys in the truck. Sigh


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