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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday's Confession Booth: You know what is more embarrassing?

Welcome to the first ever Friday's Confession Booth.  To participate - you write a "Confession Post."  It doesn't have to be serious, and you can read more about them HERE.  Then you grab the button and place it in your post to link back and share with everyone's confessions.


My Confession
 You know what is more embarrassing than weighing in at Weight Watchers?  Weighing in after you’ve been on a 5 week dieting hiatus.  At least at the first weigh in, I could just walk in – admit I was fat – and get on with it. ..

Now – here’s how I envision Monday going:

I go to weigh in.

“Why hello there.  What is your name again? We thought you quit.”

Nope… I’m still here. I just chose to give you a donation the past few weeks. I’ve been pretty busy.

“It can’t be that bad - just step up on the scales and let’s see what the damage is.” (snickering)

(me… quietly thinking about punching this girl).

“Hmmm! I see we haven’t been tracking our points this past … um … what was it? Month and a half?”

No, I chose to just donate to Weight Watchers.  I didn’t want to use their tools… just support their organization.

“That monthly fee can really add up. You should take advantage of these meetings.”

I give to Jesus because I want to and pay my taxes because I have to… You guys are somewhere in the middle, but definitely on the taxes side of things.

woman-yelling-5“Well, you’re back here now and that is all that matters.  +10lbs is … going to be a struggle, but it is doable.”

(me… quietly wanting to punch this girl.)

I wanted to make sure you still have a job.

“You know honey. This is about your health.”

(I might just punch this girl.)

Ray says I’m not allowed to continue to “donate” and not use the stuff we are paying for.  Kind of like the gym down the street that I donate to.  I seriously want to go on a diet before I go back to weight watchers because it will be humiliating to go in after paying dues all summer and step on the scales and be HEAVIER than I was when I started!  But, what can I say?  I’ve been on vacation, gone to parties, picnics, and every day promised I would begin to start watching what I eat.  Because of that promise, I give myself a “one day pass” to eat whatever I want today.  And.. then.. I. do. it. again. the next day. 

**sigh** I’m going to go have a snickers bar or something because on Monday – I’m going back to Weight Watchers. … Maybe.

There is my confession for the week.  I’m donating to Weight Watchers and slowly gaining weight because I’m too proud to go weigh in at a higher weight than I started at.

Take a minute – Link up your Friday's Confessional Post!

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At August 26, 2011 at 12:29 PM , Blogger Jennie said...

Ugh, that darn, evil scale. I hate the scale and avoid it, lately. It's too depressing. Good post!

At August 26, 2011 at 5:58 PM , Blogger Non-Stop Mom said...

I haven't gotten on the scale for a couple of days. And I don't want to either.

Sorry it took me all day to get here - it's just been, well, it's just BEEN.

And thank you for your comment last night - it meant a lot!


At August 26, 2011 at 9:07 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

Well... starting a linky on a day when you have a million things to do is not your best idea - but thanks so much for linking up!

At August 26, 2011 at 10:00 PM , Blogger Kisses4Kaylee said...

I can totally relate...I donated to their organization for over a year before finally canceling my membership. I still donate to the gym because once a month I actually get there, but I don't really feel $20 is worth a toning class. lol. I am telling you, though, Bee Pollen can help; it is a natural diuretic and appetite suppressant. At least, it is helping me this summer. Good luck~ going back to work will be better as you can plan your meals and snacks~ point-friendly. lol. xo

At August 30, 2011 at 8:04 AM , Blogger justin and marsi said...

you can get back on kristen! i have pretty much been donating the past month and stayed the same on the scale... lets get motivated together! ;)


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