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Monday, September 5, 2011

And you thought age 2 was bad????

I wrote a whole post about poop.  Then decided we have discussed poop entirely too much in the past few weeks and – lets face it – in this house there are a thousand other mishaps going on simultaneously.
Just know – that poop is still the bane of my existence.

Why, why, why do people say the terrible twos?  So you pray for age 3? Because, I have to tell you… from what I’m seeing – 3 doesn’t look all that encouraging.  Don’t believe me?
Exhibit A:

IMG-20110902-00211            IMG-20110902-00213
You are looking at our front door jam.  See? Please ignore the dirt.  I was so appalled, I didn’t think to wash it before I took the picture.
IMG-20110902-00214           IMG-20110902-00215
See?  Magnets.  Little heart magnets.  That are supposed to go on our fridge and hang up our calendar.  Anyone want to guess how long it took me to find them?  Or how long it took me to dislodge them from the front door jam?  …. A hint…. longer than it is taking me to write this post.

It is not only the placing of objects that has become an issue with my two “almost – three- year – olds.”  The removing of items has also been a problem.  Did you know that the only things in their rooms are their beds?  On the advice of some very wise twin mommies, when we switched them to actual beds, we removed all the dressers – etc. from their room to eliminate dangerous situations.  They have beds and blankets.  They should be just fine, right? 
Exhibit B:
P9050781     P9050783
This curtain rod has been replaced several times.  It was to take the place of the mini blinds we used to have in their room.  They completely destroyed the mini blinds.  Apparently they swing from the curtains like Tarzan.  The other photo.... is your quiz on the “A-B-C’s.”  It used to say – “G – H – I – J – K.”  See? They hoisted each other up to hang from the H … until they were stuck from it and all 3 came tumbling down.

They want to do everything by themselves.  Dress themselves.  Read the books themselves. Buckle themselves. Fix their own food.  *big sigh here*  They are so hilarious.  I can’t even really be angry when they are so cute.  So I will leave you with one last example of life in our house. 
We are not afraid to have fun -
Exhibit C:
IMG-20110903-00220     IMG-20110903-00221
Ice cream is so much better when you pick it by the color.

And Football games are best enjoyed when sitting right next to the band.

Oh! I almost forgot! Ray has decided to take down the wasp nest tonight. (read more about that HERE).   I’m seriously not sure if I should grab an EPI pen or a camera.  His “master plan” is to put a ladder on a picnic table, squirt some foam in the hole, and then torch the entire thing. *even bigger sigh here*

Hope you all are having a great holiday!

Any sympathy “3 year old” stories you want to share?  Any sympathy “my husband did this crazy idea” stories your want to share?  I need a pick me up!

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At September 5, 2011 at 5:05 PM , Blogger Shell said...

3 y/os are CRAZY. Definitely worse than the 2s!

At September 5, 2011 at 5:14 PM , Blogger Meredith said...

Three was AWFUL.
I am so sorry that you were not told the truth by some other mother beforehand.

Maybe it just seems cruel, when during the twos we are so frazzled... but a little warning that three was not something to look forward to would have been appreciated!

Just keep taking pictures... preferably the cute ice cream eating kind... :)

At September 5, 2011 at 8:15 PM , Blogger Jennie said...

3yo are WAAAY worse than 2yo's in my experience! The magnets thing cracked me up. And geez....that blue ice-cream. That would haunt me.

At September 6, 2011 at 11:01 AM , Blogger blueviolet said...

You've got me all worried with that nest removal now!

I think the terrible twos continue about six months into three. :(

They are busy, busy little troublemakers. omg!

At September 7, 2011 at 12:20 AM , Blogger Awn said...

One of my favorite memories of my dad and grandpa was when they decided to take care of the hornets nest in my grandparents attic.

The plan was to attack in the morning when the bees were sleepy. So these two knuckleheads walk along the joists in the attic, spray the nest with electrical spray and then run for the door.

All I could do was wait for a pair of legs to come crashing through the ceiling...Somehow they managed to make it through the attic and out the door without being stung. I love them both dearly, but those must have been so stupid bees.


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