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Sunday, September 18, 2011

So, How are you? Take 578

On Friday, I had an impromptu meeting with someone who is definitely in a position “above” me.  Although this person isn’t my boss… I needed some answers that only this person could provide.  I was so … focused on what I wanted to say, that I was completely unprepared for the most obvious question.  Everyone asks us how we are.  Family, friends, co-workers, everyone … why didn’t I assume that question would come up in casual conversation? The truth was… I was unprepared, so my smile faltered…  just a bit.  My armor cracked and for those few moments and exhaustion appeared on my face.  I could feel it, I could read it all over that person’s eyes… the worry. 


Exhaustion…. I guess that would be a good word for it.  It is hard to get into the routine of resting peacefully again.  I know a lot of people have asked about our seizure dog… and we will share details when we have them.  So in the effort to erase the exhaustion, we needed to regroup as a family. 


We really didn’t go anywhere this weekend.  We went to a football game on Friday night, played outside on Saturday, and made sure Church was on the agenda today. And… in the midst of all this, a routine came back into our lives.  The standard, “we’re just fine,” became more and more the words of my heart rather  than an automatic phrase.  Sometimes, you have to put forth effort to make an attitude become a reality.  Sometimes you have to focus on those blessings… on that 1/2 full cup … until suddenly it is 1/2 full.  Today in church, the lady who prays for us, choked back tears as she prayed words of joy for Alexander’s presence in church. 

Blessing:  People care about us.  They care enough to ask about us. They care enough to e-mail us.  They care enough to pray for us.


There are more blessings.  Alexander seems to have bounced back like nothing ever happened last week.  He is his sweet self and loving all aspects of life. 


Yes… that is a Velvet Sweat Suit.  And he rocks it like no other. Sweet Baby Mine….

P9170784       P9170827        P9170832

Blessings.. except for the silent treatment we received the first night – the twins have adjusted to us just “popping” out of their life for a few days – totally unannounced.  More in another post about that.

Blessings… Addison can dance.

Blessings:  The musical styling's of my children have yet to drive me insane…


After their performances… they always bow.


Blessings… No one was hurt in this “great plan” … well – I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.


A little background here… Andrew is Mr. Fix it and Addison is posing as “Daddy when he drives.”  (just kidding!) The photo (second to the right) is the kids ‘paying’ for their gas. And then Andrew is helping Addison put gas in her car. It really is amazing what they pick up.


Here is where the trouble begins.  You will notice that Andrew has somehow managed to drive his car into a ditch.


Ray, normally a cautious man, has been spending too much time around my father.  He decides the kids should tow each other out.  Yes… that Addison will TOW Andrew out of the ditch.  No worries… I was quick to express my opinion that this was a bad idea.  However, it was awesome to see Ray throw caution to the wind enjoy brainstorming with the kids.


Does anyone see it coming????


Sha-Bam!  Complete Shocker here… Luckily – Andrew thought it was hilarious and asked to do it again! Ray was the hero of the day.

Blessings:  We are all together. All. Together.  How much happier can my heart get? 

One more weekend adventure to share.

P9180887       P9180882      P9180889

An evening on the scooters.  Alexander and I walked with Ray and the twins as they jetted all around the “rich neighborhood.”  The evening started out so … happy.


And then Addison realized that she just couldn’t keep up with Andrew.  I mean… I had to JOG with the stroller to keep up with him.  You can see this is not going to end as happy as we began.


Mom carries scooter.  Dad carries Addison.  All is once again restored to Happy.


We are ok.  Alexander is home.  The twins know we love them. Ray is my rock through it all. People care about us… enough to ask.  Sleep will come again. Until then – Caffeine is my best friend.  But… really…. we are ok.


At September 18, 2011 at 10:16 PM , Blogger jen@its all about me said...

Families are like glue- they do hold us together don't they?

And Addison, I'm thinking maybe a cheerleader in the making- she's got the moves!

At September 19, 2011 at 9:19 AM , Blogger Non-Stop Mom said...

Oh my goodness...Addison dancing....too cute!

And the pictures, as usual, are an amazing way to tell the story. I feel like I'm right there with you! :)

Isn't it amazing how someone just saying "how are you?" can change the way you feel? In those first few weeks after my ex-husband passed away, it was the question that I both loved and dreaded. It was the easiest way for someone to make me cry, but the way that it was asked showed me who truly cared. I had quite a few instances when it came out of the blue, just as you described - sometimes I could hold it together and sometimes I couldn't.

I'm so happy that Alexander is doing well - your family has been on my mind so much lately!


At September 19, 2011 at 3:22 PM , Blogger Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year said...

Oh my! Towing the car out of the ditch?! Funniest thing ever.

So glad that you had a good weekend and that you're all doing so well.


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