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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I know why I'm fat.....

It's because I have kids.  And, no - not because I birthed 3 children in 18 months... because I have children right now.  And I love them.

Let's start with Alexander.  I'm fat because I love you.  Yes, I know people will say you are not sick on purpose.  I suppose it is possible that when you wake up in the middle of the night miserable that I could cuddle you "better" and then put you down on some reclining sleep positioner.  I suppose I could then sleep on the couch until you needed me again.  If I did that, then I wouldn't have needed the extra 2 sodas this morning and the tall stack of pancakes .. with extra syrup.  But, let's be honest.  I really needed to hold you You really needed me to hold you last night.  You needed me to rock you while you slept nuzzled against my neck.  I definitely did it for me you.  Please feel better so I can focus on dieting again. 

Andrew.  You are the reason I'm fat.  Because you are so stinking cute.  You are so cute that I had to explain to Vinnie (our favorite restaurant owner; who is also Greek; who is also bigger than our entire family put together) why you had to move seats - to sit next to his daughter - because she is your "girlfriend."  Yup, I'll take an extra order of fries with that.  And how am I supposed to explain to Vinnie about tonight? When we went to the birthday party?  You know I wasn't going to eat any cake or ice cream or chips.  But then you got yourself another girlfriend.  More chips over here please.  You are so stinking cute. I'm sure it is not technically your fault.  I mean, you are one of the three cutest kids I have ever seen.  I know all moms must think their kids are cute, but we all know the truth - you and your brother and sister are the cutest.  Hence - I'm struggling to lose weight.

Addison.  You are the final reason I'm not losing weight!  I would like to personally applaud your efforts to be a big helper.  Changing Andrew's poopy diaper during your nap time was genius.  I mean... who wants to sleep with a poopy diaper?  However, we normally use a changing table to minimize the mess.  We also use wipes - for the same reason.  And, around this house - we like to keep the poop inside the diaper. Just in case you were wondering.  How am I supposed to choose a salad over pizza when I am laughing so hard at your ingenuity?  I love you girl.  I love you so much.  And I love that some day you will no longer need diapers.  You will be wise enough to actually change a diaper without assistance.  So I will laugh at this (as I eat my slice of pizza) and remember that these times are fleeing. 

So.... reason's I'm fat:
1. Hugging and cuddling Alexander instead of sleeping
2. Worrying about Andrew and his extra suave moves for the ladies
3. Addison... you are the funniest person I know. I love you.

So, I will trade love, cuddles, funny moments, and happiness for my waistline.  Thank you for giving me those great gifts.  I'll work on my waistline next week.
Love, Mom

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Learning to be big.

Where did my babies go? Last evening, Andrew tried to put Alexander in his car seat.  Because, “I’m big now mommy… I can help.”  They help bring in the groceries.  Andrew tries to help put them away.  Even though it is nice that they want to be helpers (at least for the time being) … it is just another step from toddlers into children.  I guess I have children now.  *sniff sniff*
Saturday we woke up with this great idea.  Let’s go feed the ducks!  When we arrived at the duck pond, it seems the new owners aren’t that fond of the dirty ducks.  New signs were placed – “Please don’t feed the ducks.”  (Feeding fish was still ok.)  So we fed the fish instead.  Unfortunately – the ducks ate all the fish food.  Huh… funny how life works.  
We also are the only people on the east coast who decided to build a camp fire this week.  Yeah – 100 degree temperatures and we build a campfire.  What can I say? My boys like to play with sticks.
Sticks are amazing things… they can be used to build a fire.  They can be swords to slay an enemy. 
See Andrew hiding to see what cool things his Dad can teach him about sticks? Example: how to use it like a machete.
But in the end… the sweet deliciousness of a SMORE wins out.  Addison likes to cook them and Andrew likes to eat them.  Perfect pair.
Although Alexander is getting bigger and stronger each day, he’s not yet ready to be feeding the ducks yet or chasing the other kids with sticks.  He watches and learns.   And my sweet “biggers” never cease to amaze me in their boisterous efforts to include him.
I seriously would love to know what he is thinking in some of these pictures.  After the bubble blowing is over – Andrew decided to take Alexander for a walk. Remember –Andrew is big enough now.  Nothing will make Alexander get stronger faster than a set of 2 1/2 year old twins.
Andrew: “Here little buddy.  You are just off the side of the road. I will fix it.”
Alexander: “Seriously, Andrew.  I don’t think this is a good idea.”
Andrew: “Addison, come over here.  You push from the back and I will push from the side.”
Alexander: “Seriously, guys.  I’m not feeling that good about this plan.”
Mommy intervenes.
Finally – bed time. There is nothing like a clean toddler /kid /  baby at the end of the night.
I love that she tilts the mirror so they can see each other.  I love how Alexander is smiling because it is so funny.  I love summer nights.  I’m finishing this post at 4:30 am … because I’m awake … for the second night in a row.  Alexander has a cold and isn’t sleeping.  I love that I have these pictures to look back over from the last few days.  I love that it is summer so I don’t need to stress about not sleeping.  I love that no matter how big my babies get, when they are sick – it is still me they want.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


There are so many small things going on here… and no big things – I thought I would just take a moment to catch us up.

Still Loving Dress Up
1. I taught the kids a new phrase yesterday. “Daddy has an addiction problem.” Hehe. Ray mentioned that it was Friday and there would be yardsales out. I said, “Stop spending money! You have an addiction problem!” And… what do I hear from the backseat? Yup…. A little chorus of “Daddy has an addiction problem.” Did I mention that I’m still laughing over here.

2. We are filming for the seizure dog. How weird is it to be shopping for groceries while Ray follows us around with a camera narrating our actions? I mean… people are starting to stare. I think they imagine that we are trying to get on some sort of “help me with my 3 screaming kids” reality show. Honestly. I saw a friend from the way back in the way back through a guy I used to date. He never even said hi. I’m sure it was because of the camera… definitely not because he didn’t recognize me ‘cause I’m not my 100ish lb self anymore.

3. On that topic.. I’ve lost right around 15-20lbs. I was at 15, then I went on vacation and now I’m back on track. This is not the news story of the night. *sigh* I broke my 4th blender today. I don’t think it is a stretch to say Ray is not thrilled. Apparently it’s not the easiest for a blender to grind up frozen strawberries for a smoothie. And when I say I broke it.. I mean – I broke the gears in it. Oops! I’m off to get another one tomorrow and I’m going to have to think of a new plan because I’m on blender lock down.

Those "scopes" are flutes
4. In payback for #1 … we were having a sing – a – long last night. You know… where the kids sing Veggie Tales songs or I start a song, etc. They asked Ray to teach them a song. Any guesses? “Girl, Don’t go away mad. Girl, Just go away.” I’m not gonna lie. It was funny. But we really have to watch it with our little repeaters. Here is how I imagine Sunday at church going.
Addison: “My daddy has an addiction problem.”
Pastor: “Oh yeah? Well maybe I should go talk to him about this.”
Andrew bursts into the room: “Girl! Don’t go away mad! Girl… Just go away!”
We find a new church…..

5. Speaking of new things. We are full fledged potty training around here. Ever try potty training twins at the same time? I believe I’ve said this before, but I will say it again… It’s a wonder I don’t drink. We are really interested in how everything works. There is a lot of motivational speaking. There is a lot of clapping. If someone’s on there too long – you might just get a sympathy hug or we’ve had to remind unnamed people to get their heads out of the way. Someone is definitely going to get peed on… and I’m pretty sure it will be me. Andrew did learn how to do the big boy shake and he is thrilled with this new accomplishment. If you don’t know what that is… ask your dad.

6. Finally … we are having a ton of fun around here. I have pictures galore… I’m just too tired to edit them and post the details of our adventures.
Here are a few more Random Pictures....

Too stinkin' Cool for Words

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Keppra, I think I love you

P7270368Please keep the seizures away. That is the most important thing. But – can I just say that I LOVE you? My baby is back. He’s BACK!

His occupational therapist came after we switched off Keppra, so she has never seen him like this… so awe – inspiring.

He’s back to sitting.. almost unassisted again. He’s back in his stander for hours on end again.  He’s back to smiling, yapping all over the place, trying to roll, popping his head up, hanging out in the wingbo… Awesomeness.

His OT sat there with her mouth open today. She couldn’t believe all the stuff she was seeing.  His physical therapist welcomed him back. She’s got him rolling around again and we are all clapping like crazy.

He’s back to enjoying the flavors of life again.   Today he ate pancakes, then strawberry shortcake for lunch, then macaroni and cheese baby food for dinner followed by his own bowl of ice cream… which he polished off.  He wasn’t even angry about the temperature!  (For any other oral sensitive momma’s out there – I made strawberry shortcake the other day and I’ve been breaking some of it up and mixing up my own fruit mixture to put over it.  Alexander loves the texture of it.)

Anyway, we are nearing the end of a very slow wean off Depakote.  Depakote has kept the seizures away, but it also made him really drowsy and his appetite was so overblown that he gained weight too fast.  He became so lethargic his head began to flop around in the car seat.  The doctor asked what direction we wanted to head… and – I just had to give it one more shot.  Alexander is bigger now.  He can handle a bigger dose.  **Keep the seizures away Keppra… because you rock our world.**

A little prayer never hurt anyone.  Now is when we really have to watch him.  It just has to work.. Just has to. Otherwise we are back to zombie land. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Same Story told 2 different Ways

P7270267-1There are lots of small town fairs that pop up every summer.  There is the one that contains 3 rides, a little music, and lots of people – mentioned HERE, and there are more traditional one week carnivals that move from town to town.  Yesterday was the “kiddie” day – where you paid one price to ride all day.  We packed up the kids and headed out at promptly 10am so we could be in line, ready to go, at 10:30. 

Part 1.
We were in for a complete shock when we got there.  There were at least 100 people in the line… at least.  We went to the other line for tickets and that line was equally long.  I stood in line while the kids and Ray tried to keep themselves occupied.. all the while becoming more and more whiney.  Not only that, but I was a little concerned about the heat factor and Alexander.  Finally – 45 minutes later – I got to the front of the line, handed my $26.00 and received… a ticket.  With instructions to go stand in another line to get the “ride all day” bracelets for the kids.  Are You Kidding Me?!?  I turn to look at the other line… at least another 45 minute wait.  You have got to be kidding… I was so irritated.  I actually asked in the booth to whom I could complain.  (Please trust me on this… ALL the parents were upset at this point in the line).  No sign was out to say it would be another wait. I have 3 kids under 3.  Almost 2 hours wasted standing in line… my kids are going to need a nap soon at this rate! 

With whom to express my displeasure????  This woman at the booth sent me to the lady in the Cotton CandyP7270341 Stand.  I promptly gave Ray our tickets with instructions to stand in line and walked over there to explain how this set up was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.  The Cotton Candy lady was flabbergasted. “Not my fault.” “Go see the Fair officials.”  No problem, Lady.   So Alexander and I walk to the other end of the fair and (ummmm.. explain) to the fair officials that this ticket set up was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.  “It’s not my fault… I don’t have anything to do with it. Go see the lady in the first ticket booth.”  No problem sir.  I’m not going away.   You see… obstacles can be a stumbling block… or they can be a motivator.  I was a motivated mommy.  When I arrived at the first ticket booth you will never guess what they said…. Yup, It wasn’t their fault either.  I needed to go speak to a woman (they gave me a description) at the ticket booth I had originally left from.  Do you see a little foreshadowing here?

The original lady.  The lady who sent me away.  She was the one who made the decision to sell the tickets like this.  When she saw me coming, I swear her face turned 2 shades of grey.  I marched right up to her and asked her if she remembered me.  Mother of 3 kids under 3?  We’ve been here for 2 hours without riding a single ride yet?  It is in the 90’s?  Her face got a little redder and she said yes.  I’m not going to lie. I had been sent on a wild goose chase, was hot, and really angry.  I used my “G” rated vocabulary, but I did give her a big piece of my mind.  And… no lie… the crowd of moms around clapped when I was done. No lie.  So – they are going to sell the tickets differently next year.  I offered to come in and give extra help if that is what they need. I left my name and number to call me next year. And we spent almost $30 for an hour of fun before the kids were just too hot to continue anymore.

I could choose to remember yesterday like that.  I could let that be the imprint in my mind. OR…. I could remember this.

Part 2.
Love, Smiles, and Sunshine.
Sweet signs for lollypops and other things candy. Love.
We really didn’t have to pay for any games…. The kids would have been totally ok with riding the tractors for sale all day.  Addison kept saying, “Just one minute! I have to shift the gears.”  Love.
Stores set up in the middle of the walking isles.  You can buy anything your heart desires…. Love.
Need to catch a dream? Make a wish? No problem. Love
Dream big Little Buddy…. Reach for the Stars Big Sister…. Love.
It’s my parental right to snap the picture of my kid screaming on the ride… right?
P7270337Because in the end – there is nothing quite like fair fries.  Loaded with salt and dripping with Ketchup.  The rides that blow the wind through your kids hair on a hot summer morning.  The people you see – that you haven’t seen in forever and they all rush up to greet you like long lost pals.  Because you are long lost pals.  Homemade ice cream. Some guy demonstrating how to climb the rock wall. Cotton Candy (even though I don’t think they will let me near that booth any time soon.)

Next year I’ll go back to the fair.  And these are the memories I want to have from that day.  You can focus on the bad things that happen… and let them hurl you into a ruined moment that lasts a day and ends up being a week.  Or – you can push aside those moments of irritation and capture the moments of smiles.  And choose to remember the smiles.  I will put away part 1 and remember part 2.

What is your favorite summer fair memory?

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